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“Sometimes, you just want to make people happy. You just want to be there for them, listen to all their sentiments, tell them all the words that you think would make them feel better, be there beside them as they cry their hearts out and just be there. You just want to make them believe that everything will be okay and that the pain will go away soon. You just want to make them feel less alone and less miserable. You just want to make them feel better. You just want to help others because you could not do that for yourself. You could not even help yourself so maybe helping others would suffice.”

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Anonymous said: Naniniwala ka ba sa forever? -- forever na pag-ibig (pa-deep haha) forever na saya or kahit forever lang na milktea kung pati ang universe di na kayang i-oofer sa atin ang salitang "forever" na yan?


Ang forever ay isang figure of speech lang. Isa yang “intense feeling”. Hindi yan literal na “habambuhay” kundi isang pagpapaliwanag na may mga emosyon talagang hindi kayang tumbasan ng oras at panahon. Yun ang “poreber”.

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“Honestly, it’s the little things that matter. Those seemingly insignificant details touch us more than those grand gestures do. Those little facets make each moment more memorable. It’s the little things we mostly remember after some time. You forget why he held your hand but you still vividly remember how it feels. You can’t remember what you were talking about that one time you both stayed up late but you can still see yourself smiling from ear to ear as you type out your reply. You cannot recall what you two fought about but you can still remember the look on his face when he apologized, you can still feel the warmth of his hug as he enveloped you in his arms. You remember his smile, his laughs, the way he looks at you, the feel of his kisses, the sound of his voice when he says your name, the way he scrunches his nose when he’s thinking about something. Those are the things you would remember, not the big ones like sending you a bouquet of roses on the night of your birthday. It’s those little things that made the moment more worthy of cherishing. Those were the things you will surely miss when they stopped coming. You would gladly trade those bouquet of roses or those love letters or that very huge teddy bears or that silly guitar or everything that he has given you just to see him smile, hear his voice again and be in close proximity with him. You’re more likely to give up every material thing given to you just to make him stay. You would willingly exchange those grand gestures just to experience those seemingly trivial moments. Believe me, you will.”

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There are times when you have this moment of truth where you admit to yourself that you miss all these things about him.

There are times when you have this moment of truth where you admit to yourself that you miss all these things about him.

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“I sleep in late when I feel depressed and I still don’t know what I want to be. Sometimes I forget to eat and other times I eat everything to keep from feeling empty. I’m that age where I’m not quite an adult but I’m expected to act like one and I don’t know how to do that. I’m lost. I’m unturned pages in an attic someplace and I just want to go back to sleep.”

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Him: I will never get tired of you, I promise.

Her: No, don’t promise me that because you don’t know yet what it’s like to stay with me. You are not aware of my mood swings, of how often I degrade myself or blame myself for being left behind all the time. You have not been exposed to my dark side, that side of me which eats up all the happiness I am bound to feel, that side of me which leaves me empty and hollow inside every night. You don’t know how depressed I am, or how often I struggle to not become a burden to the few people who managed to stay even if it hurts them, even if it’s hard. I am a difficult person to deal with. I mess everything up every time. I shut people out. I push them away. So stop telling me all those promises because even I get tired of myself sometimes. What kind of assurance can you guarantee me that you won’t?

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